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Project 1

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We invite you to witness how a home renovation can increase the quality of life and property value.  This project transformed an uncomfortable house into a beautiful and functional home.

Here’s what we did:

  • We turned a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom space into a 3-bedroom, 1-study, and 3-bathroom home, giving more privacy to the owners and more utility to their spaces.

  • In addition to completely redoing the bathrooms, we relocated them all: we turned the master bath into a Jack and Jill, and transformed the guest bathroom into a luxurious master on suite thus creating an extra half bath.

  • We opened up the space for the enclosed, small, uncomfortable kitchen by installing support beams, giving it a more open and modern concept.

  • We entirely replaced the plumbing and electrical system inside and outside the house, making it safer, brighter, and more beautiful.
  • We replaced all the sheetrock and removed a lot of wood to give the house more light and space.

  • Finally, we created a large master closet by taking space from the living room, which was too big but dysfunctional for the size of the kitchen and the rest of the house.
Ultimately, we delivered a comfortable, beautiful, spacious, and revalued home.

What are you waiting for to remodel yours?

Project 2

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This remarkable project demonstrates that turning an ordinary home into your dream home is absolutely possible. We added 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and even a movie theater, providing over 800 sq/ft of additional living space!

Here’s a breakdown of what we accomplished:
  • Initially, this home had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large, high attic. We transformed it into a 6-bedroom, 5-full-bathroom home with a movie theater.

  • We completely renovated all the existing bathrooms and added a suite with an extra-large bathtub to give our client the private spa experience they had always dreamed of.

  • We also added 2 guest rooms and a Man Cave/Studio.

  • We optimized the entire attic area to maximize storage space, creating 3 new closets and additional storage space.

  • In addition, we updated the floors by replacing the carpet with ceramic and luxury vinyl, giving the home a fresh new look.

  • We also modernized the kitchen with new paint, countertops, backsplash, and hardware

Despite the project’s scale, we finished it in just 14 weeks – two weeks ahead of schedule. Witnessing a satisfied client living in their ideal home was the most fulfilling part of the job.

In conclusion, you don’t need to buy a new house to achieve your desired lifestyle. Instead, a renovation can help you transform your current house into the home of your dreams.

Are you ready to take the first step toward your dream home? HL is here to turn your vision into reality!

Project 2

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A project like this demonstrates that remodeling is one of the best investments for a family. Let us tell you about the transformation of an investment property we renovated with only a few minor structural changes.

Here’s what we did:
  • We expanded the master bathroom by adding a second sink and fully renovated all three bathrooms with new bathtubs, tiles, cabinets, countertops, and more.

  • The kitchen underwent a significant transformation, featuring a complete renovation and the addition of a massive island for entertaining.

  • We also upgraded the stairs with solid wood and replaced all the floors with waterproof and scratch-resistant vinyl.

The result is a beautiful, functional, livable home that has significantly appreciated in value by more than $50,000.00. 

Remodeling your own spaces or investment property is a wise decision, and HL is the team that can best assist you throughout the entire process.

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